How to Sit on a BBL Pillow – A Comprehensive Guide

A BBL pillow

The first few weeks after a Brazilian butt lift surgery can be very difficult and painful. One of the toughest parts of the recovery process is getting used to the fact that you can’t sit down normally. So, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to sit on BBL pillow to help you make the recovery process a bit easier. 

A BBL pillow is essential when sitting after BBL surgery. It should be used every time you sit, and in order to use it right, you need to pick a hard surface, place it on top, and carefully sit on it by positioning the pillow in the middle part of your thighs, keeping your buttocks elevated, and not leaning back. 

Is There a Need for a BBL Pillow?

A BBL pillow is an essential part of BBL recovery unless you plan on not sitting at all for six weeks. It offers support and protects your newly grafted fat from excessive pressure and damage. Any kind of pressure can damage the fat grafts and completely ruin the results of the surgery, which is why a BBL pillow is specifically designed to distribute pressure onto your thighs when sitting, allowing your buttocks to rest freely. 

How to Properly Sit on a BBL Pillow Without Hurting Yourself? 

Since you will be in pain, covered in bruises, and have limited mobility during the first few weeks, you need to be very careful not to injure yourself, as you will be very vulnerable during this stage. Even sitting will be a challenge, and it will take some time to get used to the BBL pillow. So, here is how to properly sit on a BBL pillow. 

Choose the Right Surface

After the surgery, you won’t be able to sit everywhere. Since you will need to use your BBL pillow as support anytime you feel the need to sit down, you will have to be mindful of what surfaces are accessible to you and where you can sit. Softer materials such as lazy bags, leather sofas, plushy chairs, beds, and so on are out of reach – the BBL pillow wouldn’t be stable enough for you to sit on it, and you could tip over and not only fall on your buttocks and ruin the fat grafts but also injure yourself. Only sit on firm, stable surfaces such as wooden and plastic chairs. 

Position the Pillow and Sit Carefully

Once you choose a surface that’s stable enough, place your BBL pillow on top, make sure that it fits properly and doesn’t slide around, and very slowly and carefully sit on it. 

A leather sofa 
Never try placing your BBL pillow and sitting on a soft surface 

Dos and Don’ts of Using a BBL Pillow

Depending on how you use it, a BBL pillow can either make or break the entire process. It’s true that a BBL pillow can help you achieve the best possible results after your surgery, but there is a right way to use it and a wrong way. For starters, do use the pillow every time you sit down until your doctor tells you otherwise. If you use it from time to time, it won’t be as effective. 

Next, you need to learn how to use it. There are many different models and shapes, but the thicker part of the pillow is always meant to go underneath the middle part of your thighs. Don’t lean back when sitting – your buttocks should be elevated and not touching the chair. 

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