How to Sit on a Boppy Pillow After a BBL – The Ultimate Guide

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Navigating the postoperative period after a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) can be a tad tricky, especially when it comes to sitting. That’s why knowing how to sit on boppy pillow after BBL in the safest and most comfortable way is the key to a successful recovery. Grab a pen and paper, and let’s dive in!

When using a boppy pillow after the procedure, it’s vital to position the pillow to support the thighs, ensuring the buttocks are slightly elevated to avoid pressure. In essence, mindful use of this support cushion is integral for a successful BBL recovery. 

Why Is Sitting a Concern After a BBL?

After undergoing a BBL, the newly transferred fat cells are delicate and vulnerable, requiring utmost care during the initial stages of recovery. The way you sit becomes more than just a matter of comfort – it’s a crucial component of ensuring the longevity of the procedure. 

Here are the primary reasons the way you’re sitting should be one of the most important considerations during recovery:

  • Sitting directly on the transferred fat cells can compromise blood circulation and risk cell death, 
  • Applying pressure by sitting improperly can alter the desired shape and contour achieved during the surgery, 
  • Direct pressure can exacerbate postoperative swelling, prolonging the healing process. 

How Can a Boppy Pillow Help You After the Procedure

The design of boppy pillows provides unparalleled comfort for a wide variety of uses, making it one of the essential BBL post-op supplies. While seated, a boppy pillow works wonders in alleviating strain on the lower back. Its distinctive shape and cushioning properties shift the pressure away from the buttocks, directing it towards the back of the thighs.

Woman's buttocks with lifted areas
It’s all about alleviating the pressure from the delicate area

A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Sit on a Boppy Pillow After a BBL

Directly sitting on your buttocks, even with specialized support, is discouraged for at least the initial two weeks post-surgery. Following this period, using such specialized pillows, like the boppy, is advised for an additional 2 to 3 months to safeguard the surgical outcome. Let’s take a look at how to properly sit on this special cushion. 

Carefully Position the Boppy Pillow

The placement of the cushion is crucial. Position it in a way that it will cradle the back of your thighs while ensuring your buttocks are above the hole, hanging slightly off the edge. 

Slowly Sit Down and Check the Alignment

As you prepare to sit, descend slowly and gently, being mindful of any discomfort. Once seated, check the pillow’s alignment with respect to your body. Make sure that the buttocks are off the pillow and that the back of the thighs are adequately supported. 

Find the Most Comfortable Position

Seek a position that doesn’t strain other parts of your body. Adjust as necessary, perhaps carefully shifting forward or backward, to find the posture that feels most natural.

As this configuration will ensure that the majority of your weight gets distributed onto your thighs, you might feel a bit of discomfort in this part of the body. If that’s the case, try placing rolled towels under your knees to alleviate the pressure. 

What Are the Advantages and Limitations of the Boppy Pillow?

Among the tools employed during the recovery phase, the boppy pillow stands out, but like all tools, it brings both strengths and weaknesses to the table. Here’s a breakdown:

ComfortThe ergonomic design provides natural support to the thighsMight not cater to all body types or sitting preferences
PortabilityLightweight and easy to carry, making it suitable for on-the-go useSize might be slightly bulky for some travel scenarios
MaintenanceMost come with removable covers, making them easy to cleanRegular washing might fade the color or reduce the plushness

Complement the Boppy Pillow With Navanah’s Post-Surgical Fajas

In the realm of post-BBL must-haves, a high-quality boppy pillow is at the top of the list. However, to enhance comfort and efficiency during recovery, it’s best to combine it with a Navanah faja. Getting one of our specialized BBL fajas is a wise step toward ensuring a smooth healing process, so make sure you get one as soon as you commit to having the procedure.