When Can I Stop Using BBL Pillow? How to Know It Is Time?

A BBL pillow on a chair 

One of the most difficult things during the recovery process after a BBL surgery is that you can’t sit down normally. You need to use a specially designed BBL pillow to maintain the results of your surgery. So, if you’re wondering when can I stop using BBL pillow and sit back and relax without any support, here’s everything you need to know. 

In order to achieve the best possible results from the surgery, you will need to use a BBL pillow when sitting down after the procedure. It distributes pressure and offers support to your buttocks. You can go back to sitting normally without a pillow once your doctor allows it, usually after around six weeks, once the pain and swelling have gone down and you feel comfortable enough. 

What Is the Purpose of the BBL Pillow?

A BBL pillow is used to help those recovering from Brazilian butt lift surgery. After the surgery, you will be strictly advised not to place any pressure on your buttocks, which means you won’t be able to normally sit down. You will only be able to sit with the help of a BBL pillow – a cushion specifically designed to offer support and distribute pressure in a way that doesn’t harm the newly grafted fat cells. 

What Are the Risks of Not Using a BBL Pillow Early On

If you don’t use a BBL pillow when sitting after the procedure, you risk damaging the grafted fat cells and ruining the surgery results. 

Signs It Might Be Time to Transition Away From the BBL Pillow

Once a few weeks have passed since the procedure, you will start to notice progress in your recovery process and signs that you might be ready to go back to sitting without a BBL pillow. 

Reduction in Post-Operative Swelling and Discomfort

After around five to six weeks post-op, you will notice that most of the pain, numbness, and swelling are almost completely gone, and this is a good sign you’re ready to slowly let go of the BBL pillow. 

Feedback During Post-Operative Check-Ups With the Surgeon

No matter how great you feel after the procedure, you should never move on to sitting without support without your doctor’s approval. Rushing it can only have negative effects and compromise the results of the surgery. So, be patient, follow your doctor’s orders, be regular at your post-operative checkups, and wait until they give you a green light to get rid of the pillow.

Personal Comfort and Confidence When Sitting Without It for Short Durations

Your doctor won’t tell you to just throw away the BBL pillow at some point. They will advise you to try sitting without it for short durations of time, no longer than 5-10 minutes, just to see how comfortable you feel. Once you’re confident you don’t need the pillow anymore, you can fully transition into sitting regularly. 

Woman sitting in a chair 
You can go back to normal sitting after approximately six weeks 

How to Safely Transition Away From the BBL Pillow

If you’re contemplating switching to normal sitting without cushions, the first thing you need to do is get permission from your doctor. After around six weeks, your doctor will give you permission to remove the BBL pillow from your routine. Start slow, with smaller intervals of 10-15 minutes of sitting without a pillow, and gradually prolong them. 

In the beginning, you can use different sitting positions to minimize the pressure applied to your buttocks and slowly and safely transition into normal sitting. Try elevated sitting, where you place most of your body weight onto your thighs, or sitting backward – sit down by facing and resting your arms on the back of the chair, with your legs wrapped around the seat and your buttocks hanging off the chair seat. 

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