How to Sleep on a Boppy Pillow After a BBL – Mastering the Post-BBL Rest

Young woman sleeping on white pillow in bed

One of the biggest queries patients have after a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is about achieving a good night’s sleep. You’re definitely not alone if you’re wondering how to sleep on a boppy pillow after BBL. Let’s shed light on the essentials, ensuring you find the perfect position during this delicate phase of recovery. 

For the first six weeks, it’s crucial to sleep on your stomach to avoid pressure on the treated areas. A boppy pillow can assist in offering the needed support, especially when transitioning to side sleeping after the initial recovery phase. Complementing sleep with supportive aids like a BBL faja further accelerates healing and maintains aesthetic results. 

Why Use a Boppy Pillow for Sleeping Post-BBL?

During the first six weeks after a BBL procedure, sleeping on your stomach becomes essential to avoid putting pressure on the newly injected areas. After surpassing this crucial time frame, you can begin to sleep on their side. 

As you navigate through different sleeping postures, it’s essential to always have adequate support, notably around the waist and abdomen. That’s where the essential BBL post-procedure supplies come into the picture, and that includes not only wearing a faja but also using a boppy pillow. Such a pillow not only solidifies the longevity of your procedure’s outcome but also guarantees that your rest remains undisturbed throughout the recovery phase.

Steps to Sleep Comfortably Using a Boppy Pillow

Discomfort might disrupt your nighttime rest during your BBL recovery process. It’s advisable to get several supportive pillows prior to your surgery and find an optimal sleeping position that will allow you to get a good night’s rest.

Choosing the Right Spot

If you’re having trouble getting comfortable, choosing the right spot and crafting a restful sleeping ambiance is crucial. To relax as much as possible, you can use the calming effects of essential oils, gentle tunes, and dim lighting. 

Positioning the Boppy Pillow and Lying Down

When it comes to using a boppy pillow, its placement is vital. When placed between your legs as you lie on your side, it provides support to your operated area but also offers added comfort, ensuring an undisturbed night’s sleep.

A person lying on their side with a pillow between their legs
Recovery is crucial for achieving the desired results

Alternate Sleeping Positions to Consider

When the procedure entails injecting fat cells into the hips, side-sleeping might jeopardize the end results. If fat was extracted from regions like the thighs or back, sleeping on your stomach could be a viable option. 

As the healing journey advances, shifting to different positions with your physician’s advice can aid in smoother recovery while preserving the intended aesthetic effects. But even when you’ve made enough progress to sleep on your back, using a boppy pillow can ensure no undue pressure is placed on the treated areas.

The Importance of Sleep After a BBL

After undergoing a BBL, it’s typical to experience some swelling and bruising, both from the liposuction and the injection sites. As with other surgical procedures, sleep is central to your BBL recovery journey because of numerous reasons:

  • Promotes faster tissue repair,
  • Aids in reducing inflammation,
  • Replenishes energy levels,
  • Reduces stress during healing, 
  • Can lessen the perception of pain.

Add a Navanah Faja to the Mix for a Speedy Recovery

Optimizing post-BBL recovery is not just about achieving restful sleep – it’s about the full spectrum of care to maintain those sought-after results. Incorporating a Navanah faja into your regimen can make a world of difference, as it’s specially designed to provide support and compression. So, take a look at our selection and give your recovery the boost it needs.