Recovery Explained – When Can You Sit After BBL Without A Pillow

A BBL pillow on a table 

The recovery process after a Brazilian butt lift surgery can be difficult since patients can’t sit down or lay on their backs for weeks after the procedure. The only way you can sit is with the help of a cushion, but when can you sit after BBL without pillow? Here’s everything you need to know about sitting after BBL.

After a BBL procedure, you will be advised against sitting for a while. You should avoid it as much as possible for the first two weeks, and when you do sit down, you have to use a BBL pillow for support. You can start sitting normally without a pillow after around six weeks, when you get approval from your doctor. 

How Long Does the BBL Recovery Process Last?

The entire BBL recovery process lasts for a few months. The first few days are the most difficult, and you should rest as much as possible for the first two weeks. After two weeks have passed, you can start wearing a faja and sitting with a BBL pillow. You should be able to get back to everyday activities after six to eight weeks. 

What Is the Role of BBL Pillow in the Recovery?

A BBL pillow provides support to your buttocks when sitting and distributes pressure in a way that doesn’t harm the newly transferred fat cells. It’s an essential item for recovery. 

What Are the Risks of Premature Sitting Post-BBL

After a BBL, the grafted fat transferred into your buttocks will need time to settle in. It has to develop a new blood supply, and it’s very vulnerable before it does. Pressure can easily damage the grafted fat cells, which is why sitting and laying on your back is strictly prohibited for a few weeks after surgery. If you try to rush the process and sit without a BBL pillow, you can compromise the results of your surgery.

When Can You Sit Without a Pillow?

Once most of the pain and swelling have gone down and you feel comfortable enough, you can discuss going back to sitting normally with your doctor. Don’t rush this process, and wait until you get approval from your doctor. Most patients let go of the BBL pillow after approximately six weeks have passed since the procedure.  

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Slowly and safely transition back to normal sitting

How Does Transitioning Back to Normal Sitting Go?

Once you get approval from your doctor, transitioning back to normal sitting should be a slow and gradual process. Start by sitting without the pillow for short intervals of time and work your way up. It’s advised not to fully put your body weight on your buttocks immediately but to use sitting positions that minimize pressure on the buttocks in the beginning. Try elevated sitting or sitting backward on the chair, and if you feel comfortable doing that without a pillow for longer periods of time, you can fully transition back to normal sitting. 

Speed up the Recovery With Navanah Fajas 

When it comes to postoperative necessities, besides the pillow, you will also need a BBL faja if you want to make your recovery process as smooth and comfortable as possible. Our Navanah fajas are the perfect addition to your recovery period – they will make sure you get the best possible results while minimizing any discomfort during the healing process. We offer expertly crafted Colombian fajas at affordable prices that provide compression and body contouring as well as comfort at the same time. 


Can You Sit 7 Weeks After BBL?

You should be able to sit normally seven weeks after the surgery, but the recovery time can vary between patients, so you have to consult your doctor. 

How Long Do You Use a BBL Pillow For?

You have to use a BBL pillow when sitting for around six weeks after surgery or until your doctor allows you to stop using it. 

Can I Sit 12 Days After BBL?

No, you can’t sit normally 12 days after BBL. Your doctor will strictly advise you against sitting at all for the first two weeks after the procedure. However, if you have to sit down during this period, using a BBL pillow as support is mandatory.