How to Sit On a BBL Pillow in the Car?

Woman sitting in a car smiling

Traveling after a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) can pose challenges, especially when it comes to car rides. Many patients who’ve undergone a BBL procedure wonder how to sit on BBL pillow in car to ensure comfort and preserve surgical results. So, let’s answer this question and provide practical tips for a safe ride post-surgery. 

To protect the newly transferred fat cells, it’s crucial to use a specialized BBL pillow, correctly positioned to reduce pressure on the buttocks. Driving should be limited to short intervals with regular breaks to stretch and readjust.

What Are the Challenges of Sitting in a Car Post-BBL?

For the first few weeks following a BBL procedure, both sitting and reclining on your back are highly discouraged. This, obviously, makes driving a challenge, which poses a dilemma for those who need to commute to work or handle everyday tasks. 

Applying pressure to the newly sculpted area and the freshly transferred fat cells can jeopardize the recovery journey and your desired final results. Additionally, excessive pressure might cause these cells to migrate, which is known as fat shifting. To reduce these risks, it’s crucial to utilize a specifically designed pillow when driving and pair it with a supportive BBL faja

Choosing the Right BBL Pillow for Car Use

A BBL pillow is not just an ordinary cushion – it’s a thoughtfully designed, firm, yet cozy support that minimizes any unnecessary pressure on the area. With this in mind, here are the most important aspects you need to take into account to find your perfect fit:

  • It should provide strong support without sacrificing comfort, 
  • The materials should be breathable, 
  • The pillow shape should mold to your body and the car seat effectively, 
  • It needs to be easy to carry and store, especially if you’re frequently on the go, 
  • A removable cover that’s easy to clean is a smart choice. 

How to Sit in the Car Without Injuring Yourself?

Now that you’re equipped with the post-op essentials, including the BBL pillow and the right size of faja, here’s how to sit in your vehicle comfortably and safely post-procedure. 

Prepare the Car Seat

Begin by placing the BBL pillow towards the front edge of the driver’s seat, closer to the steering wheel than the backrest. The objective here is to have your rear elevated slightly, keeping it from making direct contact with the seat. 

Get Into the Car Carefully

When getting into the car, first position your lower thighs onto the BBL pillow, ensuring your buttocks hover over the back end of the pillow, with minimal to no contact with the seat. As you settle in, recline comfortably against the car seat’s backrest. For added support and to help you retain this position, consider using additional cushioning behind your back. 

Woman's buttocks with surgical marks
It’s essential to keep pressure away from the newly enhanced areas

Remember, given the increased elevation from the BBL pillow, your driving posture might require some adjustments. This means paying attention to how your feet rest on the pedals, ensuring safety and comfort while driving.

What Are Some Safety Considerations?

It’s advisable not to drive for more than twenty minutes consecutively within the initial three-week recovery period. It’s equally important to sidestep peak traffic hours, prolonged traffic standstills, and extended trips to minimize discomfort.

In instances where you may find yourself on the road for a duration exceeding the recommended limit, it’s crucial to take periodic breaks. Pause every half hour to stretch your legs, take a short walk, and realign your sitting position.

Is There a Need for Post-Car Journey Care?

Following the trip, it might be beneficial to lie down on your stomach for a brief period, allowing your body to decompress. Wearing a faja can also be helpful in this regard. All in all, it’s all about staying attuned to any unusual discomfort or changes in the operated areas.

To Make a Fast and Complete Recovery, Use Navanah’s Fajas as Well

While adapting your seating with a BBL pillow post-surgery is crucial, complete recovery demands much more. Incorporating a faja into your routine can significantly enhance your healing process. So, dive into the Navanah faja collection and invest in one of these compression garments to accelerate your path to the desired aesthetic outcome.