How Long After BBL Can I Sit Without a Pillow? Navigating Recovery

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After an extensive surgery like BBL, all you’ll want is to sit down and relax. However, that’s the one thing you can’t do. Patients are advised against sitting without a supportive BBL pillow for a while. So, if you’re wondering how long after BBL can I sit without pillow, here’s everything you need to know about post-operative care. 

Patients should avoid sitting or laying on their backs without adequate supportive BBL pillows for at least a few weeks after the surgery. This time frame varies between patients, but it’s usually advised to wait six weeks. After a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, patients have to avoid sitting for the surgery to succeed. Pressure on the treated areas can lead to losing grafted fat, compromising the surgery results.  

Why Are There Sitting Restrictions?

Most people assume that the sitting restrictions after a BBL surgery exist simply because of the pain it would cause the patients. A BBL is a transfer of fat from your stomach and hips into the gluteal area. For the surgery to be successful, the grafted fat needs to survive in its new environment in the buttocks, which is why you must be very careful during the recovery period. 

These new grafted fat cells can easily be damaged by pressure, which is why your doctor strictly forbids sitting, laying, and sleeping on your back – the fat needs time to settle in and stabilize. 

How to Navigate the Initial Post-Surgery Phase?

Not being able to sit down or sleep on their back is one of the most difficult aspects of the BBL surgery for patients. They will be prescribed pain medication to deal with the post-operative pain and numbness, but how will they deal with the discomfort of everyday life without sitting? 

That’s where BBL pillows come into play. 

These specialized pillows were invented to help people recovering from BBLs. They are designed to support and protect the new grafted fat and your new body shape by compressing your body in all the right places, allowing you to return to everyday activities before the recovery period ends. These pillows safeguard the grafted fat from pressure and allow you to sit down and lie on your back while wearing them. 

Why Is It Important to Lie on Your Stomach or Side

After the surgery, you will have to sleep on your stomach or side to minimize the pressure on your buttocks. That way, the grafted fat won’t be damaged and will heal properly.

Woman sleeping on her side 
You will be advised to sleep on your stomach or side after the surgery 

When Can You Sit Without a Pillow?

Once the initial recovery period has passed, you will be able to sit normally without a pillow. This time frame varies from three to six weeks or more and differs from patient to patient, so you should consult your doctor. 

Factors That Can Affect This Timeline

The recovery time varies depending on many factors, and every patient is different. Some go back to normal after two weeks, and some need two months. Factors affecting this timeline include postoperative pain, complications, swelling, bruising, discomfort, and so on.

Common Myths and Misconceptions About Post-BBL Care

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions regarding post-BBL care. One of them is that you can’t drive for a few months. However, with a BBL pillow and proper support, you can drive after around two weeks. 

Tips for Safe Sitting Post-BBL

To sit down safely after a BBL, you will need to use a supportive BBL pillow or faja to keep your body secure and protected. 

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